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Camping Tips

Buying the Right Tent

  • Consider size, weight and comfort for both travelling with and staying in.
  • If you want to store your gear in the tent double the size is a general rule.
  • Larger tents with separate areas are great for families.
  • Consider the climate. New Zealand's climate is very changeable; make sure you choose a quality waterproof tent with a fly that goes all the way to the ground, and an insect mesh for protection.
  • Pick a sturdy tent that can with stand a heavy rainfall but offers ventilation for warm days.
  • Nylon vs. Canvas, Nylon is lightweight and often cheaper, canvas is more durable expensive and heavy.
  • A dome tent will offer the best option for your ease of set up and take down.
  • Choose a level campsite out of the prevailing wind, with good drainage in case of wet weather.
  • Avoid camping under large trees with a windfall risk.
  • Do not touch the sides of your tent or allow your gear to lean against the tent walls.
  • A ground cloth placed under your tent will also keep your tent floor dry and clean.
  • Properly secure all tent poles and tie downs.
  • If you're at a campground, find out about security and the 'quiet' hours. Be respectful of others.
  • Check out any hazards in the campsite area, especially for children, such as streams, rivers and busy roads.
  • Minimise your impact on the environment.

Camping with Children.

  • Take along toys, board games or cards.
  • Have fun activities planned if the weather turns for the worst.
  • Bring plenty of food and drinks.
  • Keep your children protected from the sun especially between 10am and 3pm. The New Zealand sun is very damaging.
  • Make sure you children have paper and books to draw on and record their experiences.
  • Always carry a first aid kit.
  • A basic knowledge of first aid and some CPR training may save a life.

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