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Mortgage Brokers

Why use a Mortgage broker?

Do you need a home loan? Your Choice is obvious!

There is so much to choose from today - different loans and lenders all competing in the market. It can be difficult for you find the best mortgage most suitable to your individual needs. The process can take ages.

It's not simply a matter of comparing interest rates. There is much to consider - the sort of mortgage, the term of the mortgage and repayment options. Even interest rates come in fixed, floating or capped variations.

And with more than 40 lenders, its no wonder more and more home buyers are turning to an unbiased professional for help, the Mortgage Broker. Mortgage Brokers act as the link between the lender and you.

Make sure you choose a NZMBA accredited mortgage broker. It is convenient. Mortgage brokers can help you choose the best mortgage for you and make all the arrangements. NZMBA mortgage brokers are required under their Code of Ethics to work in your best interests.

Choose a NZMBA Mortgage Broker every time, because they:

  • must be open, honest and sincere
  • act impartially
  • act fairly and carefully
  • must be professional
  • must act independently of any lender
  • have relevant and current experience
  • represent at least six lenders
  • have passed appropriate qualifications
  • must tell you the source of all commissions
  • have at least $1 million in professional indemnity insurance cover
  • have a full range of product types and options on offer
  • have an acceptable personal record
  • must have completed an approved training programme

Choose only a NZMBA Mortgage Broker

Ask your broker if they are NZMBA accredited. Look for brokers displaying the NZMBA Logo.
If you are unsure contact the:
New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association.
PO Box 303 353
North Harbour
Phone: (09) 912 1000
Fax: (09) 912 1009.

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