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World Cricket Cup New Zealand 2015

Scotland V Engaland, Cricket World Cup, Hagley Oval, Christchurch 2015


BUGGER! 8 from 9 at the World Cup.

The country is so proud of their Blackcaps, well done.

The Blackcaps won 10 one day matches in a row. That includes Sri Lanka and the warm up unofficial game against South Africa. Name any other Blackcaps side that has done that.

More cricket please.


8 from 8 Wow!.

If you believed there is a God even the Gods were on the Blackcaps side with some well timed rain, when South Africa were flying.

298 of 43 suited NZ better than 370, off 50 which is what it was looking like.

Mike loves it when a plan comes together!

I think the team is thinking a lot of Martin Crowe. Doing it not only for themselves, the country, but for the legend that is Crowe.

Melbourne next.



7 from 7.

Very predictable easy win against the worst team of the playoffs. If Chris Gayle fails the team shows no interest.

The Black Caps bowlers were far too good for the Windies batters.

Add the somewhat lazy running and fielding show that this West Indies side is without passion.




Bangaladesh, job done. It was nice that Brendon and Kane could give the others some batting time, and that the bowlers gave away enough runs for a good game. Great planning Mike.

All part of the master plan.



Another box ticked with Afghanistan beaten, thats 5 from 5. Go 9 from 9!



Wow! What a great tournament. New Zealand is buzzing, not only from the performance of the team after the smashing of England but the general feel around the grounds.

New Zealand have won the Chappell- Hadlee trophy by one wicket, against the Australians, and a win is a win. Years ago the Blackcaps we would have lost that one but the worm has turned. We have so many stars in the team. So far Kane Williamson has gone under the Worlds radar. His cricket brain must be the size of a bowling ball, and that with his skills. I wonder what his parents fed him.  He is, and will be a World superstar over the next 10-15 years, a great New Zealand captain one day and like Richie McCaw he seems to be a good New Zealand bloke. They let their skills do all the talking. No bullshit with those guys. 

We are all riding a Blackcaps wave that we hope will not come crashing down, but the ride is so good the disappointment won't be as great as if we had wobbly games, just sneek into the playoffs, then get smashed.


The team is playing as one and the confidence is high. Yes this is the best ever Blackcaps team, which we see over the next few years as they rise up the World rankings, in all forms of the game.


The World Cup organizing folk have done a great job with pricing, seating and promotional work in the different cities. The odd hiccup at Hagley Oval for the opening game with coffee and food shortages. The person sorting that out must have got their numbers wrong on that day around the meeting table, that meeting would have finished with the good old kiwi “she’ll be right”, but no.


Weather has been behaving all over the country. The old '92 Blackcaps have found a great opportunity to get their faces in front of the public, and it is great to see them.


The family feel of all the grounds is another “hats off” to the organisers


Great to see Sir Richard everywhere, I suspect a he has a well earned holiday due after all this.


Your chance to see the mighty nice friendly assassin Blackcaps is in Napier on the 8th March. They still play in Hamilton on March 13 but tickets are like hens teeth for that one.

It is great to see a team do there talking with bat and ball instead of abusing the opposition, nothing wrong with the odd funny sledge but best to shut up, get wickets and runs.


The crowd all even secretly love to see the odd streaker in a boring game, (please do not try this at home, but if you do ask your parents permission before any streaking is undertaken, it also may be bad for your health as over zealous security stuff may look for an opportunity to “put the boot in”. Then there is the $5k fine)

We do not condone this behaviour.


The Tui catch a million has been a great promotion and there are guaranteed to be sixes in Napier on the 8th.


Get you self along to Napier for some big hitting and be part of this wonderful New Zealand event.


If you are after a bit of a giggle with some good cricket commertary tune into the Alternative Comntry Collective. They commentate on the game well, but do it by saying the things most red blooded kiwi males are thinking.

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