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There are many of the "great deal" type sites popping up in New Zealand. It must be the new "auction site" phenomenon.

The "auction site" phenomenon is;  As Trademe got so successful every man and his dog was setting up auction sites in New Zealand and trying to get some of Trademes market share.

Like going to the USA and setting up a cola company to take on Pepsi and Coke, a plan not completely thought out.


These Deal sites are good for the consumers, as they do have some great deals, but the market is now very diluted.


I think one of the first around to send out great deals and get the great word of mouth advertising going was a bike company called Torpedo 7 


They sent out some great deals related to bikes, cycling and outdoor adventure type sports it was so successful they set up which sent out great one day deals which was all sorts of stuff.

They are obviously doing well out of it, because all the ones below have sprung up plus 50 others.

They all work on the same basic principal of getting a good deal off companies based on selling a certain amount. The companies will either use them to promote a service or product, get rid of end of line or near expiry stock. All this is great for us.

Below I will go over a few and my observations. My advice would be to set up a Gmail or Hotmail account join the ones you like the look of and use that mail account solely for these deal sites.  

They are in no order.

This is the first successful site of this successful model. It is easy to login, has good deals, colour of the site is a bit 80's wishy-washy. Here is what they say "1-day has now become the largest shopping website" These guys I could believe.

This site is one of my favourites for look and feel, very clean and modern looking. The pop ups are a bit annoying, sorry very annoying. I don't think this is needed. All these do is put users off.

This looks good, and gives you a wide range of products to choose from, today it had Paul Frank, Bebe, Guess and Reebok.  It is an easy to use and well set out website

This is another one of the same and here is what they say they can give us;"all the stuff you want at the best prices you will ever see!" no way!

This is an interesting concept. They give you free offers. The catch is the handling and shipping fee. $9.95 Nationwide and $13.95 Rural.

Another of the same but this one offers one item per day at $1

Even Trademe is on the daily deal bandwagon

As they say "Each day, Trade Me sellers bring you the hottest deals."

Another clean modern looking deal site

Another of the same but it looks like the good names have all gone. I love what they say about themselves "New Zealand's, and Australia's most exciting deal-a-day online brand clearance site."  Come on!

Another of the same and here is what they are saying "CrazySales is the best starting point to start shopping online." Really!

This is another 3 deal site that is easy to use with a catch phrase of "New Zealand's best online deals"



We did find this great site that someone has put some time and effort into. It keeps you updated on all the comings and goings of the sale sites. It is our pick of the sites that lists all the sale sites.


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This is another great daily deals website: 1 Day 3 Deals

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