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Robin Williams' Weapons Of Self-Destruction, Christchurch, November 19, CBS Canterbury Arena.

I have not laughed this much since my first Billy Connolly experience in the mid 90s.

We drove to the CBS Arena, and were running right on time, until we got to the Tower Junction area. The traffic was backed up so we decided to park by the Speight's Ale House and walked the last few hundred metres. This turned out to be a great decision for getting there on time, saving us the $3 charged for the venue car park  and getting away after the concert with an easy no traffic exit.

It looked like everybody was running late, as at 8pm (the start time) people were still flowing in.

The show started a bit late with the Umbilical Brothers who I had seen on TV but did not feel like seeking them out live, but they grew on me and not like a bad thing. They were very amusing and worth a look at one of their full shows. 

Robin comes on and is simply sensational; he covers every subject from the Christchurch earthquake to the creation of the reproductive organs. But sadly for one heckler, no Mork from Ork. I had a sore face from non-stop laughter with no real time to clap as he just kept going like an energiser bunny. He finished with a short bit with the Umbilical Brothers.

After the show I decided to buy a mandatory concert tee shirt, but the laughter kept going, a $50 tour tee shirt now that is "taking the mickey". No tee shirt for me, at $40 yes but come on (I did buy a programme at $20, it is my version of tipping the artist).

The ticket prices were at the "ouch that is pricey" levels ($125+) but he is a super star of World comedy so worth it.


Great show Robin and we hope to see you back one day.

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